Farewell Queen Palm

This week Mark and I had to say goodbye to a very special botanical that had become an important symbol of our lives together.  It was the tree we bought to celebrate our first Christmas together.  Since we wanted to embrace Southern California living, it was a palm tree, of course.

Our First Christmas Tree

Queen Palm’s second Christmas

When we purchased the queen palm, the guy at the Home Depot garden center said it probably wouldn’t last two months since it was raised as an outdoor tree.  Well, we provided him wrong by about 23 months.

It stood sentry in our Long Beach apartment, witness to many happy events including our nuptials.  We talked to it, provided it plenty of light and water, and watched it grow for two years.  It greeted our visitors and listened to our many nights of piano playing.

Our wedding day photo

When we made our move back to New Mexico, it was one of the things we made sure to make room for in the moving van.  For more than three joyful months, it joined us here in our ABQ casita.  Alas, the altitude and lack of humidity took its toll on our queen palm.  Each of the delicate palms began to bend, brake and brown.  Life was  too hard here in the high desert, so we asked the gardener to haul her away along with the bags of autumn leaves.

While it has now been replaced with a new green and perky house plant, our queen palm will always remain part of our happy SoCal memories.

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