Changing Seasons

December 21 will soon be upon us.  On this Friday, either the world will end dramatically (I’m imagining fire-and-ice explosions, earthquakes and bright lights) or, just as in all other past years in the modern Gregorian calendar, autumn will come gently to a close and winter will quietly usher in it’s own icy (hopefully sans fire) fashion.  I’m betting that this year’s Winter Solstice will be just another special day the Lord has made.

I am blessed to live in a home with lovely views of the Sandia Mountains.  These are the mountains that I grew up with and overshadowed my very own changing of the seasons until the age of 21.  Ask any Burqueno and they too will brag about their great Sandias that stand sentry over their daily goings-on.

Sandia SunsetAfter being gone from the Land of Enchantment for nearly 15 years, the Sandia Mountains once again provide my daily foundation of earthly inspiration and seasonal motivations.  Each morning I gaze up to the peaks and they proudly announce the day.Snowy Sunset

This weekend, we had a snowy preview of Winter.  One evening at sunset they were ablaze with colors of pink and orange.  The next day, they were covered in white.


While these mountains continually reveal the day’s changes to her citizens, the Sandia Mountains also serve as our constant and reliable guardian.



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