Christmas Surprises

As I prepared my new house for the holidays earlier this month, the very first task was to locate all the boxes of “Christmas stuff.”  Being that I’ve been on the move from home to home and state to state over the last 2-3 years, opening each box proved to be quite a surprise.

First there was the discovery of the more “interesting” decorations, when you try to think back if you purchased the trinket for yourself (maybe because it was on sale) or if you received it as a gift (why else would you have such a thing).

Santa and MrsThen, there are the delightful finds.  One of the boxes hadn’t been opened for more than 3 years.  In it I found ornaments from when I was a kid, such as the Santa and Mrs. Claus ornaments that I used to love so much that I slept with them.  There was also the delicate ornaments that are made of eggshell and have precious winter scenes inside.

Of course, as you open one box, there’s a strong desire and excitement to open the next and then the next.  How exciting!

Christmas Pig

Christmas Pig Surprise

The biggest surprise was the discovery of the Christmas Pig.  At a family Christmas party on Sunday, my cousins asked if I still had the Christmas Pig they gleefully gifted me a few years back.  I had to think back.  I remembered receiving the “interesting” item, however, I couldn’t recall what came of it.  Then, on Christmas morning I was at my dad’s house for breakfast.  I was in the bathroom after having a few mimosas and there it was … staring at me.  I remembered that I had left behind the thoughtful gift with my stepmother.  The Christmas Pig still existed after all!

As I begin to pack away our Christmas decorations this year, I’m looking forward to what will be next year’s surprise.  Maybe it will be our new Christmas Otter that I adore so much.

Christmas Otter

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