Pretty Pictures

For those who are subscribers to New Mexico Magazine, you know what it’s like when you receive the issue that reveals the winners of the annual photo contest.  Exciting!

View the 2013 photo contest slide show:

This year, magazine editors were a little sneaky when they chose a non-descript cover photo of someone in a hot tub (weird) to promote Valentine’s Day, but once I opened up this monthly publication I discovered the inspiring and beautiful images from the contestant winners (which maybe someday will be me!)


Photo Contest Winner: Harold Hall

As I eagerly flipped through the pages, each showcased a new photo that captured the enchanting diversity that is our state. I think more inspiring than the pretty pictures was the introductory article about the grand prize winner. Mr. Hall from South Dakota had entered the photo contest for many years before being selected, something that many of us amateur photographers think could be us someday.

It’s easy to take scenic photos here in New Mexico, whether it be a colorful sunset, a charming encounter with a resident, or the mesmerizing architecture.  I can only imagine what it would be like to be featured in THE New Mexico Magazine.

So as I enjoy the return to my home state, I will continue to take pictures of its unique beauty with the hopes that someday my photos could grace the page of a magazine.  Click. Click.

Until then, I’ll just settle for my self-published blog of Sandia Mountain photography at

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