Warmer Weather Get-a-Way

Cabin fever was starting to take hold.  While the weather forecast for New Mexico was promising higher temperatures, a get-a-way to a warmer state-of-mind was calling.  In addition, the magnetic pull of the vortex to the West was in full force.

IMG_3097 - Version 2

We packed our bags and our golf clubs, rose before dawn on a crisp Sunday morning, and set out for a 12:30 p.m. tee time in Sedona.

The first stop 100 miles west of the Q for coffee reinforced our decision when the 9-degree temperature hit us like a Mac truck.  With caffeine and breakfast in our bellies, we continued quickly down I-40 as the sunshine followed us across the desert.  After reaching the apex of our route at 6,800 feet in elevation, we turned south at Flagstaff.  Although snow covered the pine-forest floor, we were hopeful that as we approached Red Rock County we would be greeted with warmth and beauty.

Red Rock Country

Red Rock Country

Ahhhh-rizona!  It never disappoints.  Sedona’s Cathedral and Bell rocks welcomed us in their congregation with majestic pomp-and-circumstance.  Our fingertips and spirits soon thawed.

We were just in time for the afternoon tee-off at the Sedona Golf Club.  Our first drives sailed happily through the dry, dessert air.  The fairways and greens were soft like carpet.  The next 17-holes followed the hills up and down, much like our emotions these last few frozen weeks.

I had high hopes for my golf game with a new driver in hand.  While my drives were pretty great, it was my putting that failed to show up.  I think I’ll blame it on the vortex.  After a while, I developed heartburn.  It could’ve been the burrito I had for lunch at the clubhouse, but the poor scores didn’t help cure my ailment.


Alas, being surround by one of God’s most beautiful landscapes, I felt renewed and ready for more weeks of winter.  With our groundhog friend soon to make an appearance, hopefully he’ll have good news and no longer need to escape arctic temperatures, but rather simply and temperately set out for the next adventure.


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