Since I’m on a diet and can’t indulge in these small bites of paradise, I thought I would share this lovely posting about sopaipillas written by a fellow blogger. Enjoy.

Margaret's Miscellany

One of the best (and, of course, sometimes the worst) things about travel is food. Whenever I visit New Mexico, I always look forward to eating sopaipillas, which are made from puffed fried dough, and often stuffed or, more commonly, eaten with honey. You just start tearing off pieces and drenching them with honey. A sopaipilla with honey is one of my favorite things to eat.

I know, of course, that’s it possible to find sopaipillas outside New Mexico. I’ve even found them in Portland on occasion. The difference in New Mexico is that they are served everywhere.

It is a happy moment when a basket of hot sopaipillas is set in front of you, and you grab a sopaipilla with one hand and the honey dispenser with the other. When there’s only one sopaipilla left and more than one person at the table, some serious negotiating skills are required…

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