My Latest Page Turner: Quakers and Quilting

It all began with “A Girl with a Pearl Earring.”  After reading this most delicious historical fiction about art and sexual intrigue, I was hooked on books by Tracy Chevalier.  Once Amazon informed me of her latest novel, I immediately placed my pre-order (using my Discover rewards points – woohoo).

Now, I could have ordered Tracy’s recently-relased story as an eBook, however, I still enjoy a good page turner – literally.  I also still love opening mail (sans bills), so when that happy box from Amazon arrived I was beside myself with literary excitement.

What is so wonderful of Tracy’s books is how she weaves in various pieces of history with good old-fashioned character development and storytelling. I encourage you all to check out her collection of novels to see what might interest you:

> Girl with a Pearl Earring (in these pages I fell in love with the Dutch artist Vermeer)
> Remarkable Creatures (complex story about female fossil hunters)
> Falling Angels (how England mourns the loss of a Queen)
> The Lady and a Unicorn (learned about medieval tapestries)
> The Virgin Blue (takes place in 15th century France)
> Burning Bright (intriguing story of circuses and William Blake)

Chevalier’s latest release is “The Last Runaway.”  Each night I run away to bed so I can read a few chapters.  You’d think a story about Quakers and quilting wouldn’t be that interesting, but I’m now engaged in the lives of these complex characters.  Also, according to the summary I’m just getting to the good stuff about runaway slaves – ah, how history is so wonderfully intertwined.

So once I finish writing this blog entry, I’ll gleefully head to bed so I can cuddle with my hardback book that awaits me in a beautifully-illustrated linen jacket.

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