Traveling Forward in Time on Route 66

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Today, Mark and I decided to take the long way home back to Albuquerque from Grants.

We’ve always enjoyed the nostalgia and intrigue of Route 66.  While living in California, one of our most memorable weekend get-a-ways was exploring portions of the historic Mother Road from San Bernardino to Santa Monica in which I captured the adventure in the blog entry “Gettin’ our kicks.”  And of course, I’m rather enamored with the trading posts that continue to lure travelers (read more about my Trading Post Hankerings).

With no need to rush home this fine Friday, we traversed down the old highway instead of opting for the busy interstate.  At first I attempted to set my speed control, however, I soon learned that the long and winding road didn’t really allow for keeping a steady speed like is so easy to do on I-40.

We passed through a few towns that were now only a memory, and then soon after entered the beautiful red rock canyons of McKinley County.  While the sights along I-40 are impressive, there’s so much more to experience and see from Route 66 without having to “take an exit.”

Continuing east, we paralleled the interstate for a few miles and could see the semi-trucks and moving vans speeding by anxious to reach their final destination.  Before the next town, we crossed over the Interstate and found ourselves on what must have been ‘the’ original highway.  While we could see ahead of us where the road was leading, the pavement was quickly returning to the earth.

We kept moving down this bumpy, potted, historic highway until it soon was linked up with brand new black top.  Looking in the rearview mirror, the old road was behind us still engrained with memories of the good ol’ days and ahead of us time continued to move forward on a new road.

4 responses to “Traveling Forward in Time on Route 66

    • Thankfully Route 66 will still be here … while some parts are deteriorating, others are being preserved. My hometown ABQ is trying to do what it can. Get your kicks!

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