Hankerings for a Green Chile Burger


Image 1My husband sends me a photo by text message the other day of his lunch at Albuquerque’s renowned Owl Cafe.  Now I am all one for taking photos of delicious meals, often guilty of posting pictures half-eaten entrees on Facebook, however, this delicious digital image of a green chile cheeseburger left me with a severe hankering for some down-home New Mexico cookin’.

The thing is though, I’m on a diet.  My expanding waistline is partly contributed to my return to the Land of Enchiladas.  It’s hard to practice moderation when a meal at a New Mexican food restaurant starts with complimentary deep-fried tortilla chips & salsa, then the enchilada plate comes smothered not only in  red and/or green chile sauce but also a not-so-healthy portion of melted cheese, and finally the meal concludes with a sopaipilla (fried dough dipped in honey). Oh, and of course this is all washed down with a margarita.

IMG_1141So, that is why I am now eating spinach salads for lunch.  Maybe in a few weeks when I am a few pounds lights I can go beyond just greens to a green chile chicken sandwich (maybe even with a side of calbacitas).

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