Lunchtime: Home cookin’ at a hipster restaurant


I have a thing for meatloaf.  My hubby makes some of the meanest meatloaf around, which is made even more exciting when he makes next-day meatloaf sandwiches.  Yum. Growing up, I tended to wine a little when mom made meatloaf. Not because her loaf wasn’t delicious, but I think it’s because of the name. That’s why I find it fascinating to see “meatloaf” on a restaurant menu.

I often order the meatloaf when I see it listed as a specialty entree.  The Cheesecake Factory serves its meatloaf on the bottom of a tower of mashed potatoes and onion rings.  At the Indian Pueblo Culture Center’s restaurant, bison meatloaf with a red chile gravy is a featured item.  Sometime it’s wrapped in bacon and sometimes it is served with fresh vegetables … and, it’s mostly always served with taters.

Image 2This weekend, while in Phoenix, our friends took us to a new restaurant named Culinary Dropout: The Yard.  Once we were seated, I said to my husband, “I don’t know if we’re cool enough to be here.”  It has a fun, hip industrial atmosphere and on a Saturday afternoon at 3:00, it was still hopin’.  To the south of the restaurant, there was “a yard,” with a live band and games set-up such as ping-pong (not to be confused with beer pong) and bean-bag toss.

Image 1We ate near the kitchen and had an amazing, lovely waitress.  She helped each one in our party of 7 make the perfect lunch choice (of course complemented with beer/wine).  Lynn and Karl went with the chicken-fried chicken, Mary ordered the fish ‘n chips, Mark had a burger, and much to my disappointment Brett and Ray ordered salads. I placed my order for the “Ma .. Meatloaf.”  Exciting stuff.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the best ever meatloaf (Mark retains that award), but the tomatoey-bbq sauce was a nice highlight and my beer was a great companion to this culinary favorite.  Of course, the fun and quirky atmosphere made it memorable and being surrounded by good friends made it delectable.

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One response to “Lunchtime: Home cookin’ at a hipster restaurant

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for following my blog!
    Oh my goodness; I havent had meatlof in…eons! It’s funny how like a hearty meal from the homeland looks so good this far away in France.

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