Nothing But Fairways and “Green”


One of these “green” shirts is not like the others.

IMG_3349It’s one of our favorite times of the year.  Each March, there is a group of buddies that flock to Phoenix … the excuse is for a work meeting, but the real purpose is for golf.  This year, our rendezvous coincided with St. Patty’s Day!  So talk about green … green shirts, green socks, green hats, green ball markers, green fairways and green greens.  And after a few posts on Facebook of our golf outing, some friends were green with envy.  Of course, apri-golf included green beers!

Image 1The Phoenix-based contingent of our golfing clan just so happens to reside in the Biltmore neighborhood and are members of the golf club.  For these avid golfers, this is a great fit … not only for them, but their friends too.  We have had the pleasure of joining them on the Biltmore course before, however, this weekend was made even more memorable with the Luck of the Irish gracing our round.

IMG_3314It is a beautiful golf course with views of Saddleback Mountain in one direction and views of downtown Phoenix in the other direction.  The fairways are lined with palm trees and desert fauna. Every so often an indigenous Saguaro waves hello with its thorny arms.


As a year-round resident of the Biltmore and one of the lady’s club members, my golf girlfriend Lynn is a great companion and coach on the links.  We share secrets, giggle and have fun while the boys act serious about their sub-par game.  With her inside knowledge about the neighborhood and the inhabitants of the homes that line the golf course, it’s quite educational to have Lynn as my partner.  In our golf cart, we whiz by the homes of music superstars, industry tycoons, local celebrities and scandalists.  Some homes are immaculately decorated and have been on the covers of magazines, others have giant toys planes in the yard. One of the course-side homes was designed by Frank Llyod Wright himself, however, the owner isn’t too excited for visitors and has erected a welcome sign that reads, “Enter and I’ll Shoot.”

IMG_3348One of the best Biltmore celebrity stories is of Alice Cooper – “Resident Rocker.” As many know, he has a bit of an addictive personality, however, amazingly he was able to replace his drug addiction with the game of golf.  He now plays six days a week and has a handicap of two.

Alice, I understand how with golf, you can “Love it to Death.”  It does have an addictive quality and sometimes you just can’t do any better than a day with friends on the fairways and greens.

Image 2

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