Longing for Long Beach

We were here for just the weekend in a place we once called home.  While we shared an address here for only two years, we experienced so much to make the most of Southern California that the memories seem to have been for lifetime.  Living in Long Beach proved to be a time in our life filled with adventure and fun.

Our little 900 square-foot apartment was in the heart of The Pike with lovely views of Rainbow Harbor and the Queen Mary.  If we weren’t walking to our favorite restaurant or taking a stroll in Shoreline Village, we were cruising on our beach bikes next to the sand pedaling against the ocean breeze.

Many of our happy days are captured on the My Hankerings Blog archive.  It’s always nice to go back and re-read about our great adventures.

So as I look out the window of our hotel room with a view of our old neighborhood, I think back fondly of our life in Long Beach.  I have assembled a few of my favorite scenic photos that brought a smile to my face and I hope you to0 enjoy.

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