Sushi Smiles

During our trip back to SoCal, our first stop after landing at LAX was the Sushi Studio on the Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach.

A good friend recommended this place to us after she learned I finally got Mark interested in that fish and rice deliciousness wrapped in seaweed.  When you first drive up to Sushi Studio, it’s a bit suspect being that it sits in a crowded parking lot next to a run-down motel.  Once you’re welcomed inside and seated at the sushi bar, the chefs are hard at work but friendly.

Our favorite roll on the menu became the Sumo Roll after we noticed how yummy it looks on the plate of one of our fellow diners.  It’s topped with fresh tuna and garnished with a special sauce that’s sweet and spicy!  We haven’t been able to find it at any other sushi places since.

During this visit Mark and I each ordered our own Sumo Roll, not willing to share our longstanding craving.  Of course, accompanied by other rolls and some edamame, we quickly got our fill.

Now this sushi hankering has been addressed … but, only for the meantime.  I’m already looking forward to our next trip back.

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