A tour of Palm Springs with Sherman, Sonny, Lucy and Marilyn

It was only a brief, one-night visit in Palm Springs this time, but that sultry desert city always leaves a lasting impression.  It was an early May day and already the afternoon temperatures soared to 100 degrees.  No golf for us this hot day.


Marilyn under construction

Instead it was a relaxing afternoon exploring downtown.  During my last visit to Palm Springs, I was able to see the new Marilyn Monroe statue as she was being installed.  I capture a great photo of the painter hard at work painting on her dress.  So, I was eager to go and see her again in all her super-sized glory!

However, along the way I noticed Lucille Ball siting on a park bench.  I just couldn’t resist joining her for a chat.  Then, we crossed Palm Canyon Drive for our visit with Marilyn.  I didn’t opt for the provocative photo with me looking up her skirt like many do, instead I tried to capture her beauty against the San Jacinto Mountains.

Once we finished a lovely dinner with wine at Zin Bistro, it was already time to think about options for breakfast. On the stroll back to the hotel, we discovered Sherman’s Delicatessen.  We stopped in to see what was on the menu for breakfast and if our greeter wasn’t Sherman himself, he was an excellent mascot.  He informed us of the restaurant’s 50-year heritage serving the finest Kosher foods … and he could’ve easily been one to have served Lucy or Sonny all those years ago.

Another customer entered and we had to cut our conversation short with “Sherman,” but we returned early the next morning to enjoy a delicious omelet and bagel breakfast.  Mark also made sure to stock up on bakery treats for his meeting and thankfully I was able to conduct a taste test on some yummy pastries.

Before an early departure, I made another trek to Palm Canyon to say farewell to Mayor Sonny.  All I could think of was what his favorite breakfast was at Sherman’s and if he really “liked it hot.”

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