Autumn in New Mexico

Well, it appears I’ve missed a whole season of posts on My Hankerings blog.  Summer is officially gone and not a single post of my hot and sultry adventures.  C’est la vie!

It’s now fall and it has to be the best time of year!  The fragrance of the crisp air, roasting chile and changing foliage.

My fellow blogger at inspired me to post this quintessential picture of New Mexico.

Us “Land of Enchantment” dwellers love our adobe walls, blue skies, cacti and chile ristras.  Strolling the streets of Old Town Albuquerque, it’s hard not to capture these images with our minds, in our hearts, and on our cameras.

In Tiffany’s post, “Old Town Adobe,” she captured this scene on her canvas.

Well, I guess next time she’s in town, we’ll have to stop at the nearby Church Street Cafe for a margarita!  Salud.



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