Panoramic Pecos

image-1On a cold and breezy winter we made our trek north to Pecos National Historic Park.

image-3It was the first of our 12-park visit of 2014 (reference:America’s Best Idea).   And, it was a lovely day for a January road trip and this National Park was just one hour from our front door.

While I had made a quick stop to Pecos once long ago, this was Mark’s first visit and our first together.  This time, what I was most intrigued by was that this obscure, roadside stop along I-25 is not only a significant cultural site for indigenous Americans, but it also is situated along 4 other Historic Trails:

  1. El Camino Real
  2. Old Spanish Trail 
  3. Santa Fe Trail 
  4. Route 66 Corridor

Being that it was a clear, blue sky I was able to capture some pretty amazing photos of the ruins amid a backdrop of an enchanting New Mexico vista. However, two weeks following our adventure, my computer crashed and I lost the pictures.  Fortunately, I took a couple of these panoramic images on my iPhone.  Studying these images, I see that they perfectly and simply capture the beauty of Pecos.



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