Peak-A-Week – 52 Unique Peaks in 2013

This shared post by my dear friend Jon. He and his wife, Amy, inspired us with their 52 peaks in 2013 to do our 12 National Parks in 2014. It’s a fun way to set a lofty goal, and then it makes for some fantastic adventures.

Meaning of Lite

Jon Underhill, GoLite Marketing Manager and his wife, Amy Dillon, set a goal to summit 52 unique peaks in 2013. They dubbed it “Peak-a-Week” with the hope to see new places, break the habit of going to the same-old hiking trails, and spend quality time together in the fresh air. Amy shares some highlights from last year’s experience.

On a sunny day in December 2012, Jon and I climbed a lovely 14,000 foot peak in central Colorado. We had lived in Colorado for almost decade and continued to develop a real love for the mountains. However, on that winter day, we realized that we needed to get out more often and change up our usual routine of outdoor activity. So we set a goal to hike a peak a week in 2013.

To meet this goal, we focused on climbing 52 unique and new peaks. The peaks could be any…

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