Evolving Rockscape


The most compelling story of Arches National Park is its ever-changing landscape.  Compared to Saguaro National Park and its one-of-a-kind botany or Chaco Canyon with its historic architecture constructed by an ancient culture … the trinity of nature, time and geology formed this amazing rockscape over millions of years making it so unique and so iconic today.

Overtime, changing temperatures, water, erosion, and the earth’s movement formed this intriguing landscape.  For visitors from around the world, there are more than just beautiful arches to see — sandstone sculptures of all forms paint this colorful, desert view.  Of course, it’s the arches that get all the fame and rightfully so. Learn more about the park’s Arch All-Stars.

Arches was the 7th National Park of our 12-park tour in one year tour, and the second stop along a 4-day, 4-park trip to Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

It was also the first of two parks in one day that we planned to visit.  We arrived early at Arches and enjoyed the drive through this incredible sculpture garden.  We also got a little creative with our photography:

It was a quick trip through Arches, with not much time for hiking … we were saving our energy for our next stop.  Just 30 miles from Arches is Canyonlands National Park, another geological marvel.   Read the next blog post for details.

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