Mountain Majesty


We first got site of the Tetons as our plane came in for its landing at the Jackson Airport – the only airport located in a National Park. The views filled up the tiny round windows, and then as we deplaned onto the tarmac we received a warning to keep moving and not to stop and take photos of the amazing, panoramic views.  I could see why …

Exploring Grand Teton National Park you never loose site of the towering, inspiring mountains.  The beauty of the mountain range is breathtaking and wonderfully consuming.  I just couldn’t take my eyes off of those stunning summits.

This was the 10th park of our 12-park tour goal.  I don’t think we were planning to be so awestruck by these Tetons peaks, but since arriving in Wyoming all we wanted to do was to get to know more about these majestic mountains.  It began will a scenic drive along the Snake River and then a stop at Jenny Lake.  There was no time for a boat tour of the lovely lake, so we went in search of a hiking trail.

While it wasn’t the “peak time” for viewing the turning leaves, it was still a perfect autumn day for a stroll in this Grand forest.  Golden leaves provided for a crunchy carpet as we hiked into the foothills with views of waterfalls, evening light and a rising moon.

The next day we were making our way to Yellowstone, and fortunately to get there we had to drive through Grand Teton National Forest again.  Not only did we get a morning view of my new favorite mountaintops, we also had quite the moose sitings.  These handsome giants were out and about exploring, just as we were.

To top off our visit of Grand Teton National Park, we had a great time talking with Ranger Crespin.  We chatted about how I want to be a Park Ranger when I grow up … he encouraged me that the amazing nature and views more than make up for the low pay.  We agreed that not only the hats are the best of begin a Ranger, the Grand Tetons is the most beautiful park in our nation’s treasure chest.



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4 responses to “Mountain Majesty

  1. Now I have a hankering to go back and see these Tetons! Love the pics Karli! I will revisit and view them with music. What a great way to start my day looking at these! “Good Job” as you so often say!!! Lynn

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