The First National Park


When the United States established Yellowstone as a national park in 1872, it was the first such national park in the world.

It is a magical place that encompasses a fascinating story of a region’s natural history, with lakes, geysers, and other geothermal formations that are home to a myriad wildlife. People from across the world flock to this majestic place to see the abundance of natural beauty and the herds of animals, but also they want to experience part of our nation’s identity.

Yellowstone National Park was the 11th of our 12 national park goal for 2014.  It was early October when we arrived at the park.  It was off season so the crowds had dissipated, however, many of the lodges and visitors centers were boarded up in preparation for winter and some of the roads were closed.  Fortunately, that also meant the wildlife was out to play.

We enjoyed watching grizzly bear forage for berries, bison huddling until making their next migration, deer were foraging and antelope played.  All the moose sitings were in Teton National Park (click to view).

A visit to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone river, allowed for some hiking and beautiful views of the lower and upper Yellowstone Falls along with sights of the colorful canyon walls.

Because of the road closures, were weren’t able to see some of the geysers, such as Old Faithful.  I think my favorite roadside stop was at Mud Volcano, which provided for a great firsthand look at some interesting hydrothermal features.

At 28,000 square miles of awesomeness, Yellowstone is such an expansive park with so much to see and discover.  As with many of the other parks we’ve visited, we’ll have to return soon in order really experience this natural wonder…



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